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A 'Unique' family of Elite Survivalists undertake COVERT MISSIONS, to Protect the Ocean and maintain the delicate ecosystem from the threat of EXTINCTION!
Ocean Rescue
'ORB' is a multiplatform animated brand, with a broad and diverse cast. The series has been devised to share positive environmental stories through humour. 'O.R.B.' is an exciting story world created to sit across Online Games, Mobile Apps, TV Series, Feature Length Films, XR Comic Books, Eco Friendly Toys and Merchandising.
Left Behind Heroes
The 'Left Behind Heroes' is a comedy companion series to 'Ocean Rescue Battalion' and shines a light on the unsung deskbound champions that 'Save the Day' whilst supporting the Elite Agents in their daring missions to 'Save the Ocean'. 'If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine it's lethal'.
Creative Producer / IP Creator
Paula Dinan
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Head Writer
Andy Briggs
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Creative Consultant
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The Creative
Behind ORB
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